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"Male" world propaganda"

The girl is a prepaid card one after another

At the same time, netizens also told reporters that the QQ message board, these men, and some praise, some with a small brush, there is really a little girl and he said in the video, the top left after the completion of the transaction.

After the male propaganda in the world, there is a big wave of people go to his home. Despite the game player to try to prevent children silly, but still there are girls in order to game prepaid card and one after another.

For users broke the news, the game belongs to the company’s staff to the media said:

In September 2015, there were players exposed to this, the company has taken a variety of ways to put an end to the game page advertising, now has set 15000 screen characters, and even add sensitive words homonym. At present, there is no advertising for young children in the game.

But is that really the case?

Many game player said, "in the game to see their child molester" will be reported, but little effect.

Reporters then call the company, the staff said:

They received players reported, the main way is to deal with titles.

However, this is not the root of the problem, by the title, "child molester" will register a new number, continue to appear in the game.

According to respondents revealed:

The game company has not cured this phenomenon, the key question lies in the game attracts the gold function to produce the enticement to the girl.

Although this online game based on children’s virtual communities, the crowd faces 6 to 14 year old girls. But because the network "child molester" too much, the beginning of 2015, the company will change the game audience for more than 14 years old.

More than one player said:

There are still many girls under the age of 14 in the game. And the game is so expensive that many girls can’t afford the lure of money in order to get better clothes and equipment.

Men lure girls in children’s online games, perhaps because it costs money to play the game. The young game player, has become the economic burden, so also to the "child molester" have an opportunity.

In this game, anyone can recharge the game currency and trade in the game, and the real name registration has been reduced to form.

It is understood that the game will re open the social sector, simple minors will become prey? It’s not known yet……相关的主题文章: