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4 Reasons Why Every Online Travel Business Must Have A Google Plus Page-4444.kk.com

UnCategorized Social networking channels have emerged as an innovative tool for business promotion in the online travel industry, and many .panies have now adopted these nifty social marketing tools as an integral part of their online advertising agenda. While Facebook and Twitter have already carved a niche in the social networking game already, Google+ is not far behind. According to Wikipedia, Google+ is adding nearly 625,000 users on a daily basis, and will achieve over 400 million users by the end of 2012. With such a massive user base, it’s no wonder why online travel business owners are now taking Google+ seriously for marketing their services. As an online travel business owner, you can also take advantage of the interesting features of Google+ and gain incredible marketing mileage from your promotional drive. Here is why every online travel business cries for a presence on Google+. 1. Hang-out with Customers: Google+ is already popular amongst your target customers most of whom own a Google+ profile today. If your business is not on Google+, it’s losing out on the potential customer base to marketing your travel packages to. For example, Google+ allows you to connect with customers using the hang-out feature and interact with them to gain useful insights about their perception of your brand, products and customer relationship approach. The hang-out feature on Google+ is a unique opportunity for online travel businesses to conduct discussions and surveys to find out what their customers think about their service packages and customer relationship services. Technically, these two factors are the key to delivering incredible services in the hospitality industry. Therefore, when you gain better insights into what your customers think of your brand and services, you can work on these features to deliver even better services in future. 2. Add Customers to Circles: The growth of every online travel business depends a lot on having a huge customer base. Therefore, .panies in the hospitality business spend a fortune to boost their customer base every year. However, with the social .working tools gain widespread popular amongst your prospective customers, you might as well spend more time on Google+ to add more customers to your business. Google+ has a feature called "circles" which allows you to add more people (read customers) to your Google+ page and thereby make your business visible to more potential customers. The fact that many of your prospective customers may already be using Google makes it much easier to you to invite them to your circles. It’s a natural way for online travel businesses to grow their customer base online. 3. Promote Special Tour Packages: Like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ also allows you to promote your travel online business on your Google+ business page. Having a decent number of active users on your Google+ page, you can promote your tour packages to many potential customers, increasing your chances to boost your leads. Further, when your Google+ users vote for your packages by clicking on the +1 button, it adds to the popularity of your services. This one of those many position interactions you can take advantage of when you create a Google+ page for your online travel business. 4. Secure SEO Benefits: Apart from the above benefits discussed about, Google+ offers your online travel business a very unique advantage over other social .working channels including Facebook and Twitter. According to many online marketing and social media experts, businesses having an active and interactive presence on Google+ tend to appear more prominently on Google search engine ranking pages. The recent changes in Google’s search algorithm priorities, websites with a higher social signals are likely to rank better on personalize search queries. This essentially means a lot to your online travel business as Google even takes your Google+ updates and links into its ranking considerations. Therefore, not being on Google+ page might cost you from your search marketing perspective as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: