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20 year old girl with a cell phone from the video recording for parents almost cheated $500 thousand spyair

20 year old girl with a mobile phone to record a video for parents almost cheated 500 thousand yuan Nanchang news network 20 year old young girl suddenly disappeared, then received a small video parents demanded 500 thousand yuan ransom the kidnappers call and a daughter crying for help…… In the face of "the kidnappers" every 10 minutes "bombing" calls, helpless parents finally chose to believe the police successfully found the daughter. The girl received a telephone fraud is to work the morning of September 10th, 20 year old girl Ali (a pseudonym) suddenly received a strange phone in Shanghai, each claiming to be the Ministry of public security police found Ali suspected of money laundering, the Macao customs has seized 18 fake ID Zhang Ali and a lot of evidence. Ali received a phone call, the first reaction is the other is a liar, immediately hang up the phone. Who knows, after 10 minutes, Ali’s office phone rings, each other or even before hitting her mobile phone "the Ministry of public security police". The other said he is not a liar, I hope this call attention to ali. "Your ID suspected money laundering, now you must cooperate with our investigation, the severity of the problem clearly. Money laundering is a very serious crime, one of the suspects have been arrested, we also believe that you are innocent, but the customs intercepted is your ID card, we need your help now, you have to prove your innocence." "Officer" said the Ministry of public security has issued a warrant for her arrest, she will immediately, and report to a web site, let Adan login. Ali was intimidated, open each other daily web site, found his name on a warrant, identity card number, ID photos are accurate, and the contents of the phone and said "police officers" as like as two peas. See under the Shanghai Public Security Bureau official warrant, Ali finally believe he became a wanted". At this time, the other side of the phone, police said it can help to re investigate the case. Then, Ali received the phone to help a police officer Liu """. Liu police let A Li immediately to the unit to leave, do not contact anyone, or to re investigate the failure, A Li will go straight to jail. Listen to a liar to go to Wuhan in late September 12th, Ali once again received a police officer Liu phone ". Liu police officer said the bank is also a criminal is suspected of money laundering, Ali bank all the money to command out to his bank account provided to ensure safety, at the same time let Ali taxi to the Wuhan statement, because "the Jiangxi police and Shanghai police investigation team immediately to Ali home". According to the "police officer Liu" instructions, Ali took a taxi to the Wuhan. The morning of September 13th, Liu police officer called Ali said, his help was found Ali leadership, in order not to be misunderstood, but must go to the high-speed service area toilet crying record a bad kidnapping video, can let the police believe that Ali is the victim of leadership. Simple Ali trusting each other, immediately go to the toilet with a mobile phone recorded a "Mom and Dad, small video come and save me" to the police officer liu". Ali to Wuhan, learned that she had no money to support)相关的主题文章: