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11 year old Asian American University of America rub lesson: do not know to ask me – Sohu news recently, a sister of the United States on the Internet fire, because she met a breakdown of things… This American girl named Cigdem, 19 years old this year, at the University of Toledo sophomore. At school, she a person in mathematics and medicine two professional, in the eyes of outsiders, is a Curve Wrecker… Recently, for the first time, she felt the pressure, and even began to doubt the life… The chemistry class that day, she found her sitting next to a look around the age of 10 Asian children, sitting in the classroom, and other than their big round of college students in the class… It even, the point is they chatted in the discussion, and then the little boy said: "if your class do not understand what the problem, although can send e-mail to me!" suddenly everyone messy. A 11 year old high school student, ran to the university class, but also let us do not understand to ask him…… So, the younger sister took a picture of the little boy, PO to the internet… "The 11 year old child in my chemistry class on (crying) he said that if we do not understand what the problem can mail asked him" unexpectedly, the post is issued, immediately forwarded about 200000 times, a stunned eat melon crooked nuts… "The 11 year old has more knowledge than me!" "I’m going to reevaluate my life," she said. Some netizens are curious about the little boy’s high school. "Why did he attend high school at the age of 11?" Sister replied: how do I know. In fact, as early as last year, he had been here on calculus courses… The child is a genius! Users simply excited to lose self-control.. After all, this life has never been so close to a genius.. "So cute, I want to make friends with him." "to his mailbox I ah, I want to go to his class." so, in addition to high handsome rich, a wise man, where are very popular… So, who is this little boy? Soon, the excitement of the netizens out of the little boy’s information…… I know, this is the God in the folk… His name is Daniel Liu, is the 2015 U.S. You Be The Challenge chemical contest champion in…… At that time, after 11 rounds of competition, he eventually won the nation’s nearly 40 thousand competitors, won the first place, but also won a $10 thousand education fund. Currently, he is the youngest winner to win the award. After winning, Daniel was invited to the White House, and Obama met him… He also worked with the famous science educator Bill Nye…… Daniel is not only outstanding in chemistry, but also proficient in mathematics, piano, cello… In college, he often goes to higher chemistry and statistics相关的主题文章: