92Chevrolet komaro discounts of up to 5 shops in a small car|Chevrolet komaro discounts of up to 5 shops in a small car3

Chevrolet komaro discounts of up to 5 shops in the small car market promotion time: 2016.08.30-2016.09.20 2015 Chevrolet Ke Mailuo 3.6L RS Phoenix Automotive News: Recently, Phoenix car price information learned from the Guangzhou Guangzhou area regional editor Ann Huahua New Automobile Co. Ltd, the store is currently Ke Mailuo models there are a large number of cars in the sale, the main color to store internal sale. Car can offer 50 thousand yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: Ke Mailuo latest price change table price unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2015 3.6L RS Limited Edition 49.98 43.98 5 large car more preferential inquiry please contact the dealer free consultation telephone: 400-188-6686 market in August 30, 55982016 2015 Chevrolet Phoenix car tab: Ke Mailuo 3.6L financial RS policy: insurance, priced at 499 thousand and 800 to 2015 3.6L RS limited edition models as an example, the first car insurance costs 13 thousand yuan. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 154 thousand and 300 yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase tax and security etc.), for the month of 10 thousand yuan. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance fee: komaro models enjoy three years 100 thousand km vehicle warranty. Regular maintenance cycle for every 7500 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of about 1500 yuan. Replace the oil filter costs about 2000 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. Komaro vehicle maintenance insurance information table information maintenance warranty period of three years 100 thousand km maintenance cycle 7500 kilometers replace the oil filter costs about $1500 to replace the oil filter costs about 2000 yuan loan insurance first year insurance costs 13 thousand yuan Shoufu costs 154 thousand and 300 yuan above the specific cost reference to the store for accounting information for quasi tabulation: Phoenix auto > > more details please consult the dealer < < whether there are cars: the car dealer Name: Guangzhou Huahua New Automobile Co. Ltd. address: Guangzhou City, Zengcheng Xintang dealer Bai Jiang Road (State Road 107 Xinkang garden side) Tel: 400-188-6686 5598 (dealer mentioned Phoenix car received the news, you will enjoy better service) (the market information collected from local dealers, to date, no generation The picture in the car table manufacturers making plans, price information and picture location independent) group purchase fast registration

13Ali CEO Zhang Yong internal replay 120 billion 700 million a day is so out of the|Ali CEO Zhang Yong internal replay 120 billion 700 million a day is so out of the4

Ali CEO Zhang Yong internal replay: 120 billion 700 million a day is so out of the Ali CEO Zhang Yong internal replay: 120 billion 700 million a day so it is out of the Sina Technology News on November 15th afternoon, the Alibaba held 14 Tmall 11 double checking, Ali group CEO Zhang Yong at the meeting summed up this year 11 highlights, and put forward a new the requirements and goals for all employees. Zhang Yong said, when the daily trading volume to over 100 billion, number is just a symbol, to double 11 as "a good opportunity to repair the roof of the station, and summarize the experience in the business and precipitation of the user’s point of view, more innovative ideas and business incubator, will today become tomorrow’s constant peak. Zhang Yong said that this year’s double 11 last year, the size of 91 billion 200 million yuan is still more than an increase of 30%, single day turnover reached $120 billion 700 million, accounting for up to 82% wireless turnover. In entertainment, interactive, personalized and full channel four themes have done a lot of attempts. Global buy global sell also took a solid step to become the beginning of the realization of eWTP. Zhang Yong remind all staff Ali: to do the double 11 logistics, customer service service, and carefully review, summary of precipitation. He said to the ultra billion scale, double 11 figure is just a symbol, "I share with you my heart feeling, we should not pursue every year more and more digital, we should innovate behind to pursue this figure, we can give to the consumers a real holiday 11, and using this platform, to more innovative ideas and business incubator." Zhang Yong said, "the roof" in the sunny days, actually two good results in the 11 year of Ali earned a "good opportunity for repairing the roof", he asked all the staff forget the numbers, and summarize the experience in the business of precipitation station and the user’s point of view, improve business, business innovation, not only enhance the consumer experience. More businesses to create more value. What do you do after the double 11? Zhang Yong also proposed new goals to employees. He said, not only is the starting point of the new double 11 retail, is the starting point to the future of new Ali "," new "development strategy into strategic action, action to the table, is a period of time in the future must be to do. In the new retail products, to explore the effect of global marketing, entertainment marketing one. In the new technology, it is necessary to more vigorously and more forward into the development of artificial intelligence, AR, VR and other future technologies, and to think about how to achieve the unity of technology and business. In the new energy, not only to do all the business data, but also to consider all the data business, that is, based on big data to find new business opportunities. In the new manufacturing, Taobao to take on a new mission, the opportunity to use the opportunity to upgrade the new manufacturing, to achieve a true C2B. Finally, Zhang Yong talks about competition. "Today in a competitive market we are lucky, because of competition, we will continue to force yourself to do what should be innovative, should do what hasn’t been done before, rather than behind what he has done in the competition." Zhang Yong said, always do things that others have not done, is a double 11.